About us

“MARY BELL” Ltd is a small company whose mission is related to the values of sustainable development – “Man and nature in harmony.”
Guided by this understanding, we are dealing with economic activities based on natural and cultural heritage and interpret it in a specific way in the products and services we offer our customers.
As a farmer, our goal is to deliver traditionally produced vegetables in a clean area of Berkovitsa and Godech Region – Western Stara Planina Mountain.
As a provider of goods and services in our on-line stores: www.casanatura.bg & www.bestgifts.bg , we ensure that we personally know their manufacturers / importers. In this sense, the quality of what we offer is the most important to us.
We look forward to feedback from you to let us know your opinion by phone: 00359 888 330544; 00 359 2-4914212; e-mail: office@casanatura.bg & office@bestgifts.bg .